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20% off cosmetic white fillings .

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Congratulations you have found our new website www.parkplacedental.co.uk . This is the part of our rebranding to our new corporate identity.
Please visit the site to find out more about the latest procedures we can offer to enable you to achieve a healthy, attractive smile for life. You can visit the blog page to keep up with the latest health advice Emma and Leigh are posting and to keep up to date with the regular offers we have on different treatments throughout the year.

We are currently offering 20% off all cosmetic white fillings until the end of March!!

In addition we would love our existing patients to join us on our facebook page www.facebook.com/churchillwaydentist again to join our patient community and be kept up to date with all of our regular health advice and seasonal offers. I would like to thank those patients who have already written a review of the practice – we very much appreciate it. If you would like to ask our team any questions regarding your dental health then please do so via our facebook page.
Please like our page and share it with your friends and families. For the next month, once a week, we will pick one lucky winner who has kindly written a review on our facebook page to receive £50 of gift vouchers.

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Invisible Cosmetic Repair.

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Smile Gallery – Case 2

Porcelain-veneer-2-beforeThis lady had an unfortunate accident and chipped the biting edge off her upper central incisor and fractured the porcelain veneer on the adjacent lateral incisor. The aim of her treatment was to restore her smile so that all the cosmetic work was invisible and no other damage was done to her teeth throughout.


To restore her smile we were able to replace the broken porcelain veneer with the latest E-max cosmetic veneer. Then we were able to use a highly aesthetic bonded white composite filling material to restore the biting edge of her chipped central incisor. This was shaped and polished to blend in with her natural tooth.



The final result shows her beautiful smile restored with the two broken teeth repaired with no further damage to her teeth.

This is an example of how white fillings can be used to cosmetically restore chipped, worn or broken teeth.


No Smoking Day March 11th

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no smoking dayThe countdown to no-smoking day 2015 has begun! If you’re thinking of giving up then let March 11th 2015 be your day!

Let’s face it there’s not much kudos in smoking these days. Over time your health deteriorates and your wallet feels the burn too.

Quitting won’t be the easiest thing you’ll ever do but here at Churchill Dental we reckon it will be up there with the best.

Smoking is also a risk factor for oral cancer as well as many other cancers.

Did you also know that a person is more than twice as likely to have oral cancer if they smoke and drink alcohol?

Smoking also increases the risk of periodontal disease, reduces the benefits of periodontal treatment and increases your chance of losing your teeth.

Become a healthier you – the benefits of stopping smoking start straight away.

  • After 20 minutes your heart rate and blood pressure return to normal

  • Within 8-24 hours nicotine and carbon monoxide start to leave your body and oxygen levels return to normal

  • 24 hours and your lungs start to clear out mucus and other smoking debris

  • 48-72 hours later your sense of smell and taste both improve

  • 2-12 weeks exercise becomes easier and your breathing improves

  • 3-9 months any coughs, wheezing and breathing problems are reduced as your lungs repair

  • After a year your risk of coronary heart disease is now half that of a smoker

The other really satisfying thing about quitting is the benefits never really end. The financial benefits of quitting soon add up too!

If you’re a 20 a day smoker you will save:

  • £8.50 in 1 day

  • £59.50 in a week

  • £255.00 in 1 month

  • £765.00 in 3 months

  • £1,530.00 in 6 months

  • £3,102.50 in 1 year

Think of all the things you could treat yourself to with 3,102.50 !!!!!


There is help out there to quit. We offer smoking cessation advice here at Churchill Dental or you can sign up to local services, consider quitting aids or venture online to www.nonsmokingday.org.uk


Happy St. David’s Day

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Happy St. David's day

Happy St David’s Day!!! Let’s hope the blue skies are not far away !

















Therapy tips – Fresh Breath

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Top Therapy tips.

Emma  says that brushing your tongue daily as well as your teeth will freshen your breath and help prevent bad breath !

fresh breath_churchilldentalcardiff


Therapy tips – Brushing Time

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Top Therapy tips !

Research shows that the average brushing time for individuals is closer to 30 seconds rather than the recommended two minutes.

Time Yourself!!!