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Important Coronavirus Update

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Important information prior to visiting us for your dental appointment:

We are working very hard in the practice to maintain a level of dental cover for our patients however we have needed to implement the following restrictions according to the current guidance in order the help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.  Please continue to check back to the page on a regular basis to ensure you are aware of the current status of our ability to provide dental care. Further information can be found on our Facebook Page:

March 23, 2020

We have needed to close the practice entirely based on current guidelines and as of this morning have cancelled all routine appointments. If you had an appointment booked in the near future then there is NO NEED TO CONTACT THE PRACTICE.

We will continue to provide EMERGENCY APPOINTMENTS ONLY.

Please email the practice at to leave a message and a member of staff will contact you by telephone to triage your emergency.

Please note emergencies are classified as following:

A hot, swollen face.
A tooth that has been knocked out or newly fractured in the last 48 hours
Uncontrolled bleeding after a dental extraction
Toothache not controlled by painkillers
A mouth ulcer that has been present for 2 or more weeks.

March 18, 2020

If you have an emergency please email the practice at   DO NOT turn up at the practice. Someone will contact you by telephone and provide advice and decide what steps will be required.

Please note emergencies are classified as following:

  •  A hot, swollen face.
  •  A tooth that has been knocked out or newly fractured in the last 48 hours
  •  Uncontrolled bleeding after a dental extraction
  •  Toothache not controlled by painkillers
  •  A mouth ulcer that has been present for 2 or more weeks.

March 17,2020

Please note the following groups of patients have been advised to avoid routine dental examinations due to their susceptibility to the Coronavirus.  Therefore, we will be cancelling all routine appointments for:

  •  Patients who are aged 70 and older ( regardless of their medical history)
  •  Patients who are under 70 and have a health condition listed below:
    •  Long term respiratory diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, brochitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease ( COPD)
    •  Chronic heart disease
    •  Chronic kidney disease and patients on dialysis
    •  Chronic liver disease e.g. hepatitis
    •  chronic neurological conditions such as Parkinsons, Multiple Sclerosis or Motor Neuron Disease.
    •  Diabetes
    •  sickle cell disease
    •  patients who have had their spleen removed
    •  any patient who have a weakened immune system – HIV/ AIDS,  long term steroid treatment or chemotherapy.
    •  pregnancy
    •  being seriously overweight ( a BMI of >40)


March 09, 2020

  •  All patients will need to read the signs that are on the practice front door and not to enter if they
    •  have a high temperature (over 37.8 C)  or persistent cough.
    •  been in close contact with any person suspected or confirmed as having the coronavirus.
    •  recently returned from the current list of Category 1 or 2 countries  – links can be found below.
  •  All patients entering the practice will need to disinfect their hands with the hand sanitiser provided and wont be allowed to sit in reception until this is completed.
  •  All patients will need to sit in reception in a seat as directed by the receptionist to ensure we try to maintain a safe between patients to help prevent the spread of the disease.
  •  Only patients who have an appointment booked will able to wait in the practice – no other chaperones/ family will be allowed to wait in the practice with the patient (one parent for children having appointments or one carer for patients needing mobility help will be allowed).
  •  Patients will be required to use a 30 second mouthwash of 1% hydrogen peroxide prior to any use of a high speed dental drill for emergency appointments – please contact the practice of any allergies to hydrogen peroxide.
  •  We will be delaying non urgent procedures that require the use of certain dental procedures that produce an aerosol – such as high speed dental handpieces and ultrasonic cleaners.
  •  It would be advisable for vulnerable patients – the elderly or those who are medically compromised, to postpone routine dental appointments.
  •  For patients who have a dental emergency, and DO NOT fit into the catagories below then please email the practice ( )  prior to attending for our advice.

The advice to the public is to call 111 Wales if they are have a dental emergency and are in the following categories:

  • People with a high temperature ( over 37.8 C )  or a persistent cough. 
  • People who have returned from Category 1 specified countries/areas in the last 14 days should self-isolate. This includes avoiding attending an education setting or work until 14 days after they return.
  • People who have returned from Category 2 specified countries/areas in the last 14 days, are advised to stay at home if they develop symptoms.
  • People who have been in in close contact with someone with confirmed coronavirus.

Anyone who meets the above criteria is advised not to go to a GP surgery, community pharmacy, hospital or dental practice. They should stay indoors, self isolate for 14 days with all family members from the same household and avoid close contact with other people. They are advised to call 111 (all Wales coronavirus service) only if their symptoms worsen. Information and advice on coronavirus is also available on the Public Health Wales website. People are asked to check the information on the website before they decide whether they need to dial 111.
Information for the public is available on both the Welsh Government and Public Health Wales websites.

If you have any concerns then please email the practice on

With kind regards

Mark and the team.


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White Christmas Tooth Whitening Offer

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Merry Christmas – we thought there was enough of the ‘Black Friday’ going around and thought a bit of ‘Whiteness’ would not be amiss!!!

Our Christmas Offer on cosmetic tooth whitening is now available to purchase before Dec 21st 2017

Reduced from £344 to £199.

Please contact 029 20 373831 or

Christmas Teeth Whitening Offer

Full terms and conditions.


So you suffer from Mouth Ulcers?

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Do you suffer from painful ulcers?  There are many causes of mouth ulcers and they can present in different forms. They can be very painful and the most important point is that if you have had any ulcer for more than two week please visit your dental team to have it checked.

If you would like to know more then please see our leaflet below put together by Emma , one of our therapists.

Suffering with Mouth Ulcers


Christmas Advent Competition.

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advent calender

Our Christmas advent calendar fun quiz starts on Tuesday 1st December!

Answer our daily topical questions on our facebook page and be entered into our weekly draw for selected dental treatments such as cosmetic stain removal, a free dental health assessment, a free cosmetic dental assessment and our main prize – free dental bleaching.

Good luck !


Terms and conditions:

1. The competition is valid from 1st -24th December 2015.
2. The discounts apply to our full private fees only.
3. The treatments will only be applicable to those treatments our team deem clinically suitable for the patient.
4. The prizes cannot be exchanged for other services and have no cash alternative. 
5. The prizes must be claimed by 31st January 2016
6. Only one guess per person for each weeks prize.
7. One correct answer will be selected at random each week. 

Oral Cancer Awareness Month

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Oral cancer Awareness month

1st Nov till the 30th Nov

oral cancer

Here at Park Place Dental, feel confident in knowing that every appointment with a clinician will include a full oral cancer screening.


  • Oral cancer is disease which caused 7700 deaths in 2011

It historically affects more men than women:-

Roughly 4500 men and 2500 women.

  • People over the age of 40 are more likely to be diagnosed with mouth, head and neck cancer
  • It affects any part of the mouth such as lips, cheeks or tongue.
  • The main risk factors is tobacco use , in any form such as smoking cigarettes, ‘roll ups’, cigars, pipes and also chewing tobacco products such as pan, betel quid and snuff.
  • Drinking alcohol is also a risk factor for Oral Cancer; Combined with smoking the risk is increased up to 30 times!
  • Recent new research suggests that in the next 10 years  the Human Papilloma Virus(HPV) transmitted through oral sex will become the main risk factor for developing Oral cancer


Please make sure you regularly see a Dentist/ Therapist/Hygienist for an examination at least every 6 months and any lumps, non healing ulcers/wounds which remain in the mouth/lips for 10-14 days or more should be reviewed by a dental professional.