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How to Keep Your Children’s Teeth Healthy

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Whether your baby has no teeth or is already teething, dental care should be at the forefront of your mind as this is essential for giving your child the best chance at avoiding dental issues in later life. This is your opportunity to encourage healthy tooth development and positive dental habits. While it may not seem like a pressing priority right now, it truly is never too soon to start. Continue reading “How to Keep Your Children’s Teeth Healthy” »


Why Your Smile is So Important!

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Is your smile just an aesthetic feature or does it have more meaning than this? While you might assume that a pretty smile only really matters if you’re a model, studies certainly seem to suggest otherwise. Indeed, it seems that a great smile can have a profound impact on our wellbeing, our successes in life and even our potential for the future. Let’s take a look at some of the key reasons why your smile is so important and why it might be worth fixing some of the imperfections that have been bothering you for years.

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Tooth Wear

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Tooth Wear

Our tooth health is something that can easily be forgotten about, and as we age, it is inevitable that tooth wear will occur. Although this is a natural occurrence, there are things you can do to help to reduce abnormal or premature wear. Once tooth wear has occurred the appearance of the teeth will be greatly affected, and you will need a professional cosmetic dentist to help restore your smile.

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Cosmetic Orthodontics

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A beautiful and healthy smile is so important; however, many adults would like to avoid traditional orthodontic braces because they are unsightly, costly and time consuming. Instead many people will try to hide or ignore their smiles… but this is not sustainable.

Don’t live with a fear of smiling, there is a simple solution… cosmetic orthodontics! It’s never too late to get the smile you always wanted. Continue reading “Cosmetic Orthodontics” »


Teeth Whitening

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What is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening lightens and brightens teeth through a safe and controlled bleaching process. It is a cosmetic service offered by dental professionals which involves applying a gel (containing a form of hydrogen peroxide) directly to the surface of the teeth. Teeth whitening can be used for an entire set of teeth or for a single tooth. Whatever your desired results your dental professional can customise the teeth whitening process to fit your requirements. Continue reading “Teeth Whitening” »


White Christmas Tooth Whitening Offer

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Merry Christmas – we thought there was enough of the ‘Black Friday’ going around and thought a bit of ‘Whiteness’ would not be amiss!!!

Our Christmas Offer on cosmetic tooth whitening is now available to purchase before Dec 21st 2017

Reduced from £344 to £199.

Please contact 029 20 373831 or

Christmas Teeth Whitening Offer

Full terms and conditions.


So you suffer from Mouth Ulcers?

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Do you suffer from painful ulcers?  There are many causes of mouth ulcers and they can present in different forms. They can be very painful and the most important point is that if you have had any ulcer for more than two week please visit your dental team to have it checked.

If you would like to know more then please see our leaflet below put together by Emma , one of our therapists.

Suffering with Mouth Ulcers


Christmas Advent Competition.

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advent calender

Our Christmas advent calendar fun quiz starts on Tuesday 1st December!

Answer our daily topical questions on our facebook page and be entered into our weekly draw for selected dental treatments such as cosmetic stain removal, a free dental health assessment, a free cosmetic dental assessment and our main prize – free dental bleaching.

Good luck !


Terms and conditions:

1. The competition is valid from 1st -24th December 2015.
2. The discounts apply to our full private fees only.
3. The treatments will only be applicable to those treatments our team deem clinically suitable for the patient.
4. The prizes cannot be exchanged for other services and have no cash alternative. 
5. The prizes must be claimed by 31st January 2016
6. Only one guess per person for each weeks prize.
7. One correct answer will be selected at random each week.